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I hope you enjoy the latest Nateboogee Entertainment mix.  We took it back to the 90's with some great R&B tunes from Dru Hill, Jon B. and Next.  This was done live at the office in one take.  Hope you enjoy!!

Quick Tip: Book Your Los Angeles Wedding in November


Quick Tip: Book Your Los Angeles Wedding in November

Hello Friends,

Can you believe November is already upon us?  Soon families will be gathering for that huge culinary throwdown known as Thanksgiving.  November is naturally a month of families coming together.

This brings us to my quick tip:  Why not book your wedding in November?  You can save money as November is usually the end of wedding season for most areas.  There will be less competition for your wedding date.  Also, if you have family coming into town anyway it can be a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. 

Let's talk about the good and bad points of this idea.

First, the bad points.  November is traditionally a colder month, with possibility of rain.  Also November is an expensive time to travel.  You may also find your family to be annoying and not want some of them at your wedding.

Now, I have tips to get around the first 2 bad points, but if you don't like your family/ don't want certain ones at your wedding then November may not be the month to pick to wed.

However, for the rest of you, here are my good points.  First, you can always plan the wedding the second week of November.  This allows for cheaper travel  for your guests than arriving the week of Thanksgiving.

Since there is a chance of rain at your venue (even in Southern California), you can select a venue that specializes in a fantastic indoor setting for the ceremony.  I do not recommend tent weddings in November (been there done that!)  I worked one wedding where it had rained and the night before and the grassy area was still super muddy and wet.  Guests had a difficult time walking to their seats through the grass.  So an indoor setting (like a hotel) would be a good option.  

So there you have it!  You can save some money and still have the wedding of your dreams!

Do you have any other suggestions about November weddings?  Did you get married in November?  How did it go?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.



Classic R&B Love Songs

I am proud to present the latest playlist from Nateboogee Entertainment.  Great for your wedding cocktail hour or a Sunday afternoon drive or after a romantic dinner with your mate.

And yes, I have played this playlist for my wife.  We have 3 kids... 

I'm just sayin' :)





The Perfect Wedding DJ in Studio City For The Perfect Wedding Day

I was imagining the perfect wedding day and one picture kept popping into my mind. I am seeing the bride and groom dancing under the moonlight to Michael Jackson singing "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". The bride told me that this was her dream since she was just a little girl and played DJ for Barbie and Ken at their wedding in her bedroom. If she was to make her wedding one that dreams are made of, she was going to need to find a DJ that could help her make that dream a reality. She started to make a list...

She asked: "will the DJ work with me to create the perfect music for my special day?" She was really worried that they might play something really old and no one would want to dance. After all, she said, "I want my guests to "dance the night away", right?" Of, course she was right!

She asked: "what will my DJ be wearing?" She told me about a DJ with the Baby Blue Tux, with ruffles (gag), at her Auntie's wedding. She wanted to make sure that her DJ was exciting to her guests and their appearance was an important part of that vision.

She asked: "as my DJ, will you provide a written guarantee?" She told me that this day was much too important to just "trust me" (as one DJ told her) and she needed to know that her DJ had made a real commitment to her special day.

She told me that the last thing she wanted to worry about was the music because on her special day she just want to stare into her new husband's eyes and find herself transported on the wings of a melody. The "perfect" melody for THEM.

Luckily, her BFF told her about a DJ who worked in the valley and she said he really knew how to get the party started and keep it fresh and exciting until the very end. That's all she needed to hear...

After our interview she told me that she knew that she had found someone that really listened to her and understood her dream for her most important day.

If you are looking for the perfect music experience for your special event, or if you are looking specifically for a Studio City Wedding DJ, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your dreams come true! We're listening!



Choosing the Best DJ for You

It's All About You


Used under creative commons license - By


No matter whether you are having a Burbank wedding, a New York wedding, or a Paris-based wedding, there are some wedding preparations that remain the same. One of those items on every bridal party’s “To-Do” list is choosing an appropriate DJ for wedding ceremonies, parties, or receptions. The wedding playlist goes a long way towards supporting or creating the atmosphere of a wedding. If the wrong music is playing, it can drastically alter how the bride, groom, and guests feel, and can actually make the day less happy.

There are a number of questions to ask a wedding DJ before you choose one for your ceremony. Ask about their contract policy and whether you can meet with them prior to the event. Ask if they are the DJ, or if they are simply representing a group of DJs. Ask about their previous wedding experience and, if possible, get references. Ask about their style and if they emcee. Most importantly, ask how involved you will be in the choice of songs. Having a clear idea about some of the above items can help ensure that your day is hassle-free - at least as far as the music goes, anyway.



Find a Great Montrose Wedding DJ for Your Big Day

Los Angeles is physically big and everything about it feels big. Houses, cars, movies, parties, and fashion, seem somehow bigger in LA. Wedding culture in Los Angeles is no different. Consequently, finding a Montrose Wedding DJ for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming as, like actors, there are a large number of them available. However, not all wedding DJs are made equal, and depending on whether you want indie weddings songs, dancehall hits, or more traditional fare, you will need to do some research to find the right person for the job. First, get a clear idea of the kind of wedding ceremony songs you want played. This can help direct your DJ search. If you want punk and New Wave, you don’t need to waste your time speaking with DJs who specialize in mid-century folk songs, for example. Ask around for the names of DJs who have an excellent reputation, both in their song choices, and their interactions with the wedding party. Once you have a few possible choices, then it is time to meet with them personally and get a clear idea about how they will enhance your “Big Day.”



Will My DJ Play The Right Music At My Wedding?


 Used with permission under creative commons license - photo by cadeva


There is a wide range of music from which to choose when preparing for a wedding reception or post-nuptials party.  Anyone who has attempted to DJ a school function, backyard gathering, or local dance, knows how important it is to achieve just the right balance with music at public events.  Music has a profound effect on how people feel and interact with each other, and a wedding playlist that is both fun and romantic is extremely important in setting the right tone for the ceremony.

Your wedding music should reflect the style of the wedding, and the wedding ceremony songs should be positive, hopeful selections about the future.  Some of the more important questions to ask a DJ, are about their style, and how involved you will be in choosing music for the reception or party.  Make sure everyone is clear about whether you want non-traditional music selections such as indie wedding songs or pieces from the traditional wedding canon.  Most importantly, meet with your DJ in person.  Your DJ will be an important part of your special day, so make sure that they are someone you actually want there.



Wedding Playlist | Classic Rock and some Modern Rock Hits

Classic Rock works really well at weddings because it spans different generations and helps create a feel good atmosphere.  The lyrics are so familiar that most people can't help but to sing along.
Next month I have 2 weddings where my clients requested some classic rock hits.  This playlist features artists such as AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Free. There are some newer additions in this playlist as well such as Linkin Park, but personally I like the classic hits better.



Wedding Playlist: Smooth R&B Grooves

I use this playlist for cocktail hour or during dinner time. The grooves on this wedding playlist provide the perfect atmosphere for guests to mingle, relax and soak in the moment This playlist has the songs Fortunate by Maxwell, At Your Best You Are Love by The Isley Brothers, Forever More by R. Kelly, Alright by Ledisi, Love The Woman by Chante Moore, and more



Wedding Playlist | Throwback 80's Jams

Looking to feed your 80's music fix?  I got you covered with this playlist. 80's music is all about being fun and carefree, so it really works well at wedding receptions when most people just want to cut loose and leave their cares behind.  Men at Work, Bon Jovi, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, we got 'em all on this playlist.  So turn it up and party like its '85 and you can't wait to get home to watch Different Strokes!
- Nate
Be sure to check out some of my other playlists here and here.
P. S. Did you not see your favorite 80's dance tune? Let me know in the comments below



Wedding Planning Checklists : Which Wedding Planning Checklist is Right for You?

With wedding season now in full swing, how do you plan to stay on top of all of those important tasks leading up you your special day? Not to fear!  Fortunately there are several free resources available online to keep you focused and sane during your wedding planning process.  I have listed a few below with my thoughts and advice.

Wedding Wire offers an online Wedding Checklist that is easy to use with and they even offer an iphone or android app for your smartphone.

The Knot also has a Wedding Checklist that is very similar to WeddingWire's offering in that it is also online and accessible from a smartphone.  The Knot also features many other great resources for your wedding day.

The Wedding Channel offers what it called it’s "Perfect Planning Checklist".  This list allows you to print a copy for your binder to take with you.  It is a little bit old school considering most couples use their smartphone for everything, but if you don't want another reason to look at your phone, this is a great option.

Google Weddings  is a new player in the wedding game and they offer several wedding tools including a place to create a wedding website and store pictures.  They offer an online checklist as well.  Not a bad option, but I fear not as tried and true or thorough as some of the other options out there.

Some things to consider....

Checklists can be wonderful tools to help you get things done in a timely fashion.  If you compare checklists you will notice that the timing of items may be different from each other.  One checklist may recommend choosing your venue a year in advance, another may recommend more or less time.

Don't get so hung up on using your checklist as "the sole authority on how things are done".  Instead, think of it as a loose guide to a path you will create for yourself.   I have found that couples have a much smoother time planning their wedding if they prioritize what is really important to them before they  start looking at venues or dresses or hiring vendors.

Do you know of any other wedding checklists you would like to share?  Please recommend them below in the comments section.


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My Top Ten Whitney Houston Video Playlist

This Year's Grammy Awards definitely had a somber tone with the passing of pop legend Whitney Houston.  She left a legacy of powerful soulful vocals that no one can match. In honor of her passing I put together a few of my favorites for you to enjoy.

If you don't see your favorite Whitney song, let me know in the comments below.


Whitney Houston - You Give Good Love


Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You


Whitney Houston - How Will I Know


Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All


Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You


Whitney  Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing


Whitney  Houston - I'm Every Woman


Whitney Houston - So Emotional


Whitney Houston - All The Man I Need

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Soul Train Lives Mix

Disco Ball Explosion Vector What's a DJ if he doesn't have good music?  This is my latest demo mix project for you to enjoy.

I was inspired to create this mix after hearing about the untimely death of Don Cornelius.  I can remember watching Soul Train on Saturday mornings after finishing my chores.  I remember trying to copy all the break dance and pop lock moves.

I am currently working on a few other mixtape projects for your listening pleasures.  Be sure to check back here often, the mixes will be coming soon I promise!!



Come See Me at the Angeles National Golf Club Bridal Show!

Bride Just wanted to let you all know I will be at Angeles National Golf Club Wednesday January 25 from 7-9 pm for their bridal faire!  Be sure to stop by to say hello!

Admission is FREE, so grab your fiancé and head over to one of the best venues in all of the San Fernando Valley!  Angeles National will be offering some delicious hors d'eouvres selections along with beverages while you are visiting the different participating vendors.

For more information about why I love Angeles so much you can check out my venue review here.

I can’t wait to see you there!



Pasadena New Year's Eve Party At 300

On New Year's Eve I did something a little different. I DJ'd at a bowling alley. Now this was not your run down, everyday affair but a modern style to bowling with upscale decor, flat screen tvs,  and fully stocked bar. What am I talking about? I am talking about 300 lanes in Pasadena, Ca. Peggy and the staff were wonderful to work with there and patrons not only got to dance to the tunes but watch video while bowling!

We had a countdown and champagne and even got the staff to Cupid Shuffle a little bit!

It was a different  type of event for me and definitely a unique way to start off the new year, but one I will not soon forget!



First Class with FUN!

My husband and I lived in Atlanta Georgia area so the last thing we needed to be concerned with was our dj since our wedding was at the Victorian in Santa Monica.  We wanted the the best quality, professional and talented dj to be consistent with the type of elegant, tasteful and memorable day we wanted.  Nathan represented himself as a first class vendor.  I recommend that everyone who desires to feel like they have attended a first class event hosted by Oprah Winfrey consider Nathan.  It was a great memorable experience that my guests and I will always remember.  First class with FUN!

-- Cheryl and Stephen