Wedding Tip : How to Handle Wedding Stress

Avoid Wedding Stress

If you want your wedding day to be a memorable and stress free event- picking a theme that reflects yours and your groom's personalities and your zest for life is a first but very important step. Giving this first step personal attention will create an event that has you written all over it and will make wedding stress a thing of the past. Deciding on a theme means that you and your groom will brainstorm on some ideas. Whenever you both get excited about a topic, this will be your theme. Once you have decided on a theme, you will choose an image that is going to communicate to your guests how you visualize your wedding day. Your invitations are the first official step to announcing your wedding. You must have a common vision of the event, make a decision which will excite you so as to organize your wedding day with excitement and collaboration - preventing wedding stress. You want your guests to be excited and to participate fully. You may want everyone to dress in a certain style, You may want everyone to wear the same color; You may ask your guests to bring an item symbolic to your theme, etc. The written words on your invitations will say all of that. Being clear on every level will reduce wedding stress, guaranteed. If you are planning an intimate event, you may want to hand-write your invitations. Buy paper that will match the color, or use the same ink color as your theme. Decorate your personalized invitations with an image reflecting your theme. Divide the number of guests in half, as most people come as couples.