Questions You Should Absolutely Ask Your Wedding DJ when Hiring Them

Your wedding DJ is a very, very important part of the wedding day – so you definitely want to choose to work with someone who is reliable, talented, and really passionate about what they do. What are the questions you should ask a wedding DJ in Los Angeles before you sign on the dotted line? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.



·        Start at the beginning: availability. It would be a real pity to go through an entire interview with a wedding DJ, discover you really love them, only to later on learn that they aren’t available on your wedding date. Since at this point you have most likely booked your wedding venue already, you might not have any other option left than to simply move on to another DJ.

·        What happens if they get sick? Nobody likes illness, that’s for sure – but it happens because, well, wedding DJs are human too. The most important thing is that they make sure to have a plan B in case they can’t make it to a wedding – so that you are fully covered and don’t have to look for a wedding DJ 24 hours before your Big Day.

·        How much time is included in the price? This varies quite a lot from one wedding DJ to another – so it’s quite important to ask. You want to be covered throughout the entire wedding, reception and even during the ceremony – correct?

·        How much do they charge for extra-time? If you want the party to go on throughout the night, remember that your contract with the DJ only includes a few hours of service. Anything extra will be charged as overtime – so it’s really important to negotiate on this if you think you might need them for longer than what is stipulated in the contract.

·        Do they have any questions for you? You and your wedding DJ need to be on the same page in terms of style and personality. After all, your DJ will also act as an MC announcing the reception’s biggest moments – and you really don’t want them to say something you would never agree to. Discuss with your wedding DJ and see if you’re really compatible!


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Tess Lund