Want Everyone to Dance at Your Wedding? Use These Tips

Your wedding is supposed to be very fun – not just for you, but for every other guest present there to celebrate your love story. Of course, there are plenty of ways to have fun at a wedding – from enjoying great foods to catching up with friends and family and even playing fun games.

Yet, nothing will ever beat the energizing power of dancing.

How do you get people to dance at your Los Angeles wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and use our advice to make sure everyone’s having a blast.




·        Don’t stick to one or two genres. Your guests’ taste in music is diverse – so you will have to cover for a pretty wide range of genres. Even if you do love one genre in particular, listening to the same thing over and over for hours in a row can be quite boring, so you really need to make sure your playlist mixes different genres. Even more, make sure you include music from different decades as well – this way, all guests will be able to relate to the music, regardless of their age.

·        Limit your “Do not play” list. Giving your DJ a list of songs you don’t want to listen to at your wedding is a great idea. It doesn’t even matter why you don’t want to listen to those songs on the Big Day – they may be annoying, they may not be your style, or they may bring back bad memories. At the same time though, it is quite important to make sure this list isn’t too long and that it doesn’t severely limit the popular music options to play at the wedding.

·        Hire the right DJ. Your cousin may know how to use a mixer – but do you really want them to spend the entire wedding working? Even more, that random DJ you may have heard of may be totally fine – but do they know how diverse a wedding crowd can get? Hire a DJ who has experience in mixing music for weddings, in knowing how to warm up a wedding crowd and slowly attract them towards the dance floor. It will be worth it!


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