The 80s Are Such a Great Dance Inspiration – Include Them in Your Wedding!

Every decade comes with its musical tendencies. The 50s are all about rock’n’roll, the 60s are all about revolution, and the 70s mark the beginning of the disco era. The 80s are, in many way, the very natural continuation of the 70s, but they bring dancing to a whole new level (not to mention this is the decade that marks the beginning of pop music as we know it today!).

The 80s are amazing inspiration for any kind of party that involves dancing – and your wedding should really reap all the benefits of including at least a couple of songs from this musical decade. Read on and find out more if you want to find out more about some of the most popular 80s tunes you could include in your wedding playlist!


·        Police, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Probably less known than “Every Breath You Take” (a lot less “stalker-y” too), this Police song has the same romantic vibes, and the same amazing energy. It’s just an excellent addition to any wedding playlist, and it strikes that 80s music chord almost textbook-like.

·        Michael Jackson, Thriller. Some may argue that this is *not* a very wedding-appropriate song. We agree. Beyond that, “Thriller” is the absolute party anthem. It gathers people on the dance floor like nothing else has ever done it – and it does so with multiple generations. Not only have you and your friends grew up on this song, but your parents will most likely remember it fondly too – which “shoots” two out of three main age groups present at your wedding. A song nobody can ever get tired of, really!

·        Guns’n’roses, Paradise City. If you want to get some of that glam rock energy into your wedding, this song is perfect for that. Plus, it will give you the chance to see your uncle air-guitaring on the dance floor – and that is truly priceless.

·        Madonna, Like a Prayer. We couldn’t have left Madonna out of this list - the 80s are her homerun, after all. A song everyone will recognize, from your grandma (she may not like it that much because she still remembers the video, but it’s a lot better than the “horrible music kids these days listen to”) to your father. A legendary name, a totally amazing sound – that’s all you need to magnetize people on the dance floor!


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Tess Lund