Bride Tip: My Top Reasons Why NOT to Pre-Record announcements!

I just read a wedding blog post where the bride came up with the idea to pre-record the announcements in advance of the wedding so that when it is time for that special moment (i.e. first dance, cake cutting, etc.) The music will forward to a track and 'poof', an important announcement will play for you. I do not think this is a godd idea at all for a couple of reasons:

It will not work.

Public speaking requires a careful art of reading and commanding a room. A recording will not command the room.  It will just be noise.  Some of the guests may look to see where the announcement is coming from, but without a person there it will be ignored like the loading zone announcements at the airport.  Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed will have to scramble to get control of the room or get someone else to do it.

The hardest part in my opinion in finding entertainment is finding someone who can control your reception with the right balance of  direction, style and grace.  Your MC should not be too harsh so that he or she comes off as rude or over the top, but also not too soft so they are completely ignored.

Weddings require a presence.

That's right, not just a person to operate equipment, but a presence.  A real person that can relate to your audience in a way that is acceptable to them.

This is my biggest gripe with DJs who refuse to step from behind their equipment to make an announcent.  Hiding behind the DJ gear is not a good way to connect with an audience.  On the other hand, running around the room like a circus clown will not work either.

It will send your guests home early.

Do you remember the last time you saw a really bad movie that did not make any sense whatsoever?   How long did you wait for things to get better before you changed the channel or left the theater?  There is no faster way to send guests home early then to have a wedding program that is lost and going nowhere fast.  

What do you think?  Please share in the comments.

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