How to create your own Best Wedding Dance Medley


Over the past week, the above video has taken the internet by storm.  This father/daughter duo tore it up on the danceloor creating a truly special dance that the entire world got to enjoy.

Now there have been many wedding dance videos on the net, but this one takes the title as the best I have seen.  Why is this one better than the others?  Here are some key elements to consider:

They used music the audience could relate to.

Song selection is very important for this dance, but the trick is to play to the audience.  You can hear the crowd scream each time a familiar song was played.    The songs selected weren't just good songs to hear, they were songs the crowd knew and loved and even wanted to dance to.  Music has always been a powerful way to connect performers to the audience.  You can see the bridal party in the video swaying to the music and clapping to the beat of each song.

There dance moves fit the music.

The other times you heard the crowd screaming was when dad and daughter did dances that fit with the music.   When a Jackson 5 song played they both broke out with the vintage Jackson 5 moves.  When "Stanky Legg" played, dad was the first to do the "Stanky Legg" dance with daughter following along.

There was a surprise ending that tied it all together.

This is the most important element of the dance in my opinion.  A lot of these dances fall flat at the end because there was no memorable "wow" moment to tie it all together.  Remember, the end of the dance should be the moment you want to replay in your audience's mind the most.  Dad and daughter looked around like the dance was over, but in fact they saved the hardest choreography- Beyonce's "Single Ladies" moves as the last number.  They then tied it all together with the music when dad pointed to the ring on his daughter's finger.  She does, after all have a ring on it, and that is the whole reason why we are watching these two dance in the first place.

If you are planning to do a special medley dance like the video above,  take a few of these elements to heart and you will create your own dance that will be the talk of the town.  I can't guarantee you will be a YouTube sensation and have to quit your day job, but you wedding dance will stand out from the others out there.