How to relax during the hectic wedding planning process

This is a post I found and decided to re-post it has helpful tips for maintaining sanity during the hectic wedding process.
Mind you, the Royal Wedding had not taken place when this post first aired, but if you can look past that, you will find some nuggets of wisdom I promise :)

How to Keep Calm Amid Wedding Preparations: "

Image by i_yudai on FlickrWe’ve been watching soon-to-be princess Catherine Middleton and her fiancé, our very own Prince William, plan an enormous wedding scheduled for the 29th of this month. It’s being predicted that the event will break the record for the biggest TV wedding audiences, currently held by Will’s parents Charles and Diana. The couple are inviting 1,900 guests and will probably have the whole of London to struggle through when leaving the ceremony. So, if you think your wedding arrangements are stressful, just think what the royal couple has had to go through.

However, while they may have had the media spotlight trained on them, and the accompanying insistent paparazzi, it is safe to assume that not that much of the wedding planning has actually been done by the couple. They probably have an army of minions arranging flowers and picking out table settings. Most of you will not be so lucky. Wedding planning can be hugely stressful – whether you’re about to become a princess or marrying a match you met on dating sites. Here are a few pointers to make sure you stay calm through this arduous ordeal:

Plan your time well

The venue’s booked, the date’s set and you’ve sent out the invitations. At least now you have a definite deadline to work to. It’s imperative at this point to manage the time you have left carefully so you know what needs to happen and when. Make sure you have a diary and calendar to hand so you can write down reminders of what needs to be done over the next few weeks or months. In fact, write everything down – this way, you won’t worry you’ve forgotten something. Organization and time management are key to keeping on top of things and keeping calm.


Be realistic…

Don’t be too ambitious. Be realistic about the plans you have, and if something really isn’t possible within the time, or you think it could cause a lot of stress to arrange, cut it from the preparations. It’s simply not worth the hassle and will only add to an already stressful situation.


Keep a wedding budgetWork to a calculated budget…

Money is one of the biggest causes of woe during wedding plans. Make sure you have an agreed budget at the outset and then carefully plan out how this budget can be distributed. If you treat financial issues in this way, then you won’t feel guilty about making extravagant purchases or overspending.


Don’t let it take over…

Make sure you don’t let the preparations take over your life. Keep going to the gym and volunteering at the local primary school – keep the everyday routine going so you can escape into this if wedding planning gets too much.


Share the load…


Make sure you’re not planning alone. Your partner should be heavily involved in the arrangements, so if they’re not, make sure they’re carrying some of the weight. Family and friends will also be more than happy to help. If you share the responsibility, you share the stress!

Whether you met in Belfast online dating or in London double dating, don’t worry about planning the wedding day. If dealt with in the right way, preparations can be stress free!