Choosing the Best DJ for You

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No matter whether you are having a Burbank wedding, a New York wedding, or a Paris-based wedding, there are some wedding preparations that remain the same. One of those items on every bridal party’s “To-Do” list is choosing an appropriate DJ for wedding ceremonies, parties, or receptions. The wedding playlist goes a long way towards supporting or creating the atmosphere of a wedding. If the wrong music is playing, it can drastically alter how the bride, groom, and guests feel, and can actually make the day less happy.

There are a number of questions to ask a wedding DJ before you choose one for your ceremony. Ask about their contract policy and whether you can meet with them prior to the event. Ask if they are the DJ, or if they are simply representing a group of DJs. Ask about their previous wedding experience and, if possible, get references. Ask about their style and if they emcee. Most importantly, ask how involved you will be in the choice of songs. Having a clear idea about some of the above items can help ensure that your day is hassle-free - at least as far as the music goes, anyway.