The Perfect Wedding DJ in Studio City For The Perfect Wedding Day

I was imagining the perfect wedding day and one picture kept popping into my mind. I am seeing the bride and groom dancing under the moonlight to Michael Jackson singing "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". The bride told me that this was her dream since she was just a little girl and played DJ for Barbie and Ken at their wedding in her bedroom. If she was to make her wedding one that dreams are made of, she was going to need to find a DJ that could help her make that dream a reality. She started to make a list...

She asked: "will the DJ work with me to create the perfect music for my special day?" She was really worried that they might play something really old and no one would want to dance. After all, she said, "I want my guests to "dance the night away", right?" Of, course she was right!

She asked: "what will my DJ be wearing?" She told me about a DJ with the Baby Blue Tux, with ruffles (gag), at her Auntie's wedding. She wanted to make sure that her DJ was exciting to her guests and their appearance was an important part of that vision.

She asked: "as my DJ, will you provide a written guarantee?" She told me that this day was much too important to just "trust me" (as one DJ told her) and she needed to know that her DJ had made a real commitment to her special day.

She told me that the last thing she wanted to worry about was the music because on her special day she just want to stare into her new husband's eyes and find herself transported on the wings of a melody. The "perfect" melody for THEM.

Luckily, her BFF told her about a DJ who worked in the valley and she said he really knew how to get the party started and keep it fresh and exciting until the very end. That's all she needed to hear...

After our interview she told me that she knew that she had found someone that really listened to her and understood her dream for her most important day.

If you are looking for the perfect music experience for your special event, or if you are looking specifically for a Studio City Wedding DJ, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your dreams come true! We're listening!

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