Wedding Planning Checklists : Which Wedding Planning Checklist is Right for You?

With wedding season now in full swing, how do you plan to stay on top of all of those important tasks leading up you your special day? Not to fear!  Fortunately there are several free resources available online to keep you focused and sane during your wedding planning process.  I have listed a few below with my thoughts and advice.

Wedding Wire offers an online Wedding Checklist that is easy to use with and they even offer an iphone or android app for your smartphone.

The Knot also has a Wedding Checklist that is very similar to WeddingWire's offering in that it is also online and accessible from a smartphone.  The Knot also features many other great resources for your wedding day.

The Wedding Channel offers what it called it’s "Perfect Planning Checklist".  This list allows you to print a copy for your binder to take with you.  It is a little bit old school considering most couples use their smartphone for everything, but if you don't want another reason to look at your phone, this is a great option.

Google Weddings  is a new player in the wedding game and they offer several wedding tools including a place to create a wedding website and store pictures.  They offer an online checklist as well.  Not a bad option, but I fear not as tried and true or thorough as some of the other options out there.

Some things to consider....

Checklists can be wonderful tools to help you get things done in a timely fashion.  If you compare checklists you will notice that the timing of items may be different from each other.  One checklist may recommend choosing your venue a year in advance, another may recommend more or less time.

Don't get so hung up on using your checklist as "the sole authority on how things are done".  Instead, think of it as a loose guide to a path you will create for yourself.   I have found that couples have a much smoother time planning their wedding if they prioritize what is really important to them before they  start looking at venues or dresses or hiring vendors.

Do you know of any other wedding checklists you would like to share?  Please recommend them below in the comments section.

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