What Makes a Good Wedding DJ?

First, let me show a quick sample of what does not make a good DJ: FYI, There is some explicit language in this clip....

See the problem here?

Was the wrong song cued up?  Equipment malfunction?  Was the wedding dj talking with a guest and forgot the music?

You may say, well that was a pretty stupid thing for the dj to do, and you would be right.  But there is more to it.  As a wedding dj, you have to think on your toes and be able to roll with the punches while maintining your composure.

A wedding is just like live TV and the dj is in charge of all the audio, again I said ALL the audio.

Sometimes a problem has an easy fix, sometimes a not so easy fix.

The key is to stay four steps ahead so when problems arise (and they will) your wedding dj can quickly handle the issue and none will be the wiser.

What do you think?  

How could the dj have done a better job?

What other bad wedding dj behavior have you seen?