Will My DJ Play The Right Music At My Wedding?


 Used with permission under creative commons license - photo by cadeva


There is a wide range of music from which to choose when preparing for a wedding reception or post-nuptials party.  Anyone who has attempted to DJ a school function, backyard gathering, or local dance, knows how important it is to achieve just the right balance with music at public events.  Music has a profound effect on how people feel and interact with each other, and a wedding playlist that is both fun and romantic is extremely important in setting the right tone for the ceremony.

Your wedding music should reflect the style of the wedding, and the wedding ceremony songs should be positive, hopeful selections about the future.  Some of the more important questions to ask a DJ, are about their style, and how involved you will be in choosing music for the reception or party.  Make sure everyone is clear about whether you want non-traditional music selections such as indie wedding songs or pieces from the traditional wedding canon.  Most importantly, meet with your DJ in person.  Your DJ will be an important part of your special day, so make sure that they are someone you actually want there.