Will Your First Dance Thrill, Kill, or Flop?

I was skimming across the internet when I came across this article : http://www.onewed.com/blog/savvy-scoop/category/wedding-ceremony-reception/2011/07/25/how-will-you-choose-your-first-dance-song/

The blog post asks you, the bride and you the groom, " What will your first dance look like?" Are you looking to have a formal dance like a ball, or something more relaxed?

This got me to thinking, how do you create a memorable first dance? I know there could be several different answers depending on who you ask, but I have come up with a few points to consider.

  1. What is your personality?
  2. What is your dance ability?
  3. What is your spouse's dance ability?
  4. What feeling do you want to create after the dance is over?

What is your personality?

Are you laid back and cool? Are you silly? Is your spouse just like you or total opposite? Your first dance as a couple is an excellent arena to showcase who you are. Let your style dictate the music you will use. Silly personalities can use a silly song, or take a traditional approach with a wild twist

What is your dance ability?

Do you tear up the dance floor everywhere you go? Are you known worldwide for your funky moves? Does Dancing With The Stars call you for pointers? If so, then you will shine at your first dance! Look for song/performance routines online for ideas.  Music numbers from musicals work really well here.

What is your spouse's dance ability?

We all know the saying it takes to tango. No first dance is complete without a partner. So don't leave your mate on the dancefloor looking like a fish out of water.  This does not mean the love of your life has to match you in dance ability, just a willingness to work towards a common goal.    I have had wedding clients who claimed ZERO dance ability pull off amazing first dances with a little planning and support from their future spouse.  With dancing duos  all things are not created equal.  Most formal dances suggest one person lead and the other follow along.  The better dancer can command the floor with more daring moves (like dip or twirl their partner) while the partner follows along to the beat.

What feeling do you want to create after the dance is over?

The best advice I can give you is to work backwards.  Ask yourself, what am I using this first dance for?  Do I want my guests to give a standing ovation?  Throw roses? Applaud till their hands are sore?  Or do you want your guests to remember their own first wedding dance?

When you start by determining the mood, or feeling you want to create for your first dance, you eliminate the hardest part of planning the dance.  If you want a fun, goofy first dance, then brainstorm with your mate for fun ideas, then piece them together like a puzzle to see what works for you two.  Most importantly, make your first dance special for both of you and have fun with the process.